Chinese Law Consultant

Chinese business transactions are not only governed by Chinese statutes, but also by the regulations issued by national government departments (such as the Ministry of Commerce) and by provincial governments. Every year, national government departments and provincial governments enact hundreds of new regulations. Therefore, being aware of and understanding so many new regulations is as important as understanding Chinese statutes. The creation of so many new regulations is also an extremely heavy burden on the foreigner who is conducting, or is aspiring to conduct, business in China.

China Market Entry and Regulatory Counseling

We assist companies with investments in China by reviewing, developing and assisting them with the implementation of ethics and compliance programs in conformity with Chinese laws, regulations, rules and policies, to prevent and detect violations of the law.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

We assist clients in establishing and expanding their companies or branches in China through establishing foreign invested enterprises (FIEs).

Real Estate Investment

We assist clients with real estate investments in China. We also provide legal advice regarding regulations issued by local governments with respect to foreign real estate investment.

Company Formation

We provide guidelines for company formation in deferent locations in China.

Chinese Lawsuit/Litigation Assistance

We assist clients in their search for Chinese law firms and attorneys in China. We coordinate with Chinese law firms to handle lawsuits in China.