In 2007, when I was in Beijing, my friend asked me why I preferred to stay in the U.S. instead of returning to China. Without thinking for a second, I answered him “because I enjoy helping people obtain green cards.” Yes, I realized that I am very pleased whenever one of my clients obtains his or her green card and plans his or her future life in the U.S. I specifically enjoy sharing in the happiness that occurs when one of my clients learns that his or her green card application has been approved. This is my work as an attorney, and demonstrates my professional value as an advocate in the U.S. I treat each of my clients as my friend and, in return, each of my clients treats me as their friend. They send me thank you letters and gifts such as fruit baskets; they tell me when they move and give me their new addresses; and they tell me when they have a new baby and when they change jobs. They introduce me to their friends. Their friends then become my clients and my friends. I do enjoy the friendship and goodwill from my clients. My professional work makes my clients build a better life.

——–Jessica W. Chen, Attorney at Law